Because even the most perfect polish has to come off.
Why not remove it professionally with proTIPCLIPS?

The ideal manicure starts with your signature touch and ends with our salon-quality kit. The kit includes 10 reusable acetone resistant, sanitizable finger clips and a sturdy storage box. You’ll create a luxurious and even more favorable perception of your salon by ditching foils forever. Wrap your clients in the latest, classiest way for their glitter polish, nail art, wrap, acrylics and LED/UV gel polish and soakable gels to be removed with the proper tool.

Don’t be a prisoner of a removal system any longer. Being able to read a magazine while soaking, grab a phone call or wallet empowers you and your client. Place your order today for a manicure kit that will set your services apart from competitors. Or order a case of manicure kits for your salon to build a reputation of innovation and first-rate experiences from start to finish.

Only $39 for a complete manicure kit.

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